Oct. 14-15, 2021 – Local Volunteer and Donation Management

This course addresses the planning considerations and operational requirements for an effective donations management system at the local level. A special emphasis is put on the importance of collaborative partnerships between local government, volunteer agencies, and community organizations as the key to success in volunteer and donations management.

The purpose of this course is to provide local emergency management personnel and voluntary agency representatives with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and execute an effective volunteer and donations management program as well as develop a volunteer and donations management support annex.

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Save the Date for the Mountain Plains Regional Disaster Health Response System Events

  • Virtual Workshop – Registration is open and the link is on the flyer. The recommended audience for the workshop is your HCC Leadership Committee, but any other Coalition member that wants to attend is welcome.
  • Tabletop Exercise – We are still hoping we can do this in-person, so we have not yet set up registration. Participation is open to all Coalition members. More details about registration will be coming as we get closer.
  • Functional Exercise – We have confirmed August 24-26 for the functional exercise, but we do not yet have specific times within those days. More details will be coming as the planning for the exercise gets underway.

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August 3-4: Access and Functional Needs Preparedness Planning for Rural Communities

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May 19, 2021 – Covid-19 Vaccine Q & A

Dr. Dutton will be recording a Q&A session that will post live on Facebook on Wednesday, May 19. Questions regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine will be addressed during the session and members of the public/staff are encouraged to submit questions for the session. Questions can be submitted via Facebook messenger or if someone prefers to submit a question anonymously by putting them on paper and leaving them in the Human Resources Offices, that would be accepted as well. Click to view the flyer regarding the Q&A Session. Please take the time to review the information and submit any questions you or a family member may want to know about.

May 4, 2021 – SRHCC Meeting Burn Surge Annex Table Top Exercise

Burn Surge Tabletop Exercise PowerPoint

Active Shooter Exercise Development Workshop (PRE-100)

****Due to demand for this course nationwide, TEEX will be offering additional deliveries for April 2021****

The Texas Engineering Extension Service will sponsor multiple sessions of a one-day virtual training course titled, Active Shooter Exercise Development Workshop (PRE-100). There is no-cost to attend this course. Classes are open enrollment for all participants.

Past active shooter events have proven the need for realistic exercises delivered in the community. This course answers that need by providing a train-the-trainer course on how to design and deliver a Tabletop Exercise (TTX). This course will also provide template materials needed to deliver five (5) different TTXs, with one (1) of the five TTXs delivered in the afternoon of the training day.

The course is designed for public & private sector stakeholders that are responsible for developing and delivering active shooter and/or rescue taskforce exercises. This course has NO Active Shooter Best Practices or Lessons Learned material as a part of the course, or course discussion. This course is all about how to design, develop and deliver a Tabletop Exercise (TTX). Past events have demonstrated that a key point to effective whole of community preparation, each discipline will have equal amount of spots per session to ensure that approach. Virtual Face-to-face delivery using ZOOM platform, group activities, and TTX.

*Classes will be conducted via ZOOM. Logon instructions will be sent in the coming weeks. **

Sessions and Registration: (You only have to attend one session to complete the course)

Schedule and Registration for all dates above can be found at: https://teex.org/class/PRE100/